Builder Services

Builder Services

As a builder, you might want to keep up with your customer’s demands for “Smarter Homes”. Research demonstrates that home systems are becoming more important to home buyers.

Over the decades, Universal Electronics has evolved as one of Texas’s original “custom integrators”.

That culture of finding ways to satisfy our clients has led us to include the term “We Do That” in our vocabulary. A generation ago, that might have meant that we could get a 40″ Sony TV that weighed as much as an engine block into an antique piece of furniture that might be older than our country. Now, for this generation, “We Do That” often means we can sort through all the security, home automation, music and video in the world and make it so easy to manage that any four year old and most engineers can enjoy our electronics without extensive training.

Please browse our site to review our offerings designed to simplify your life at home. Do not hesitate to request personalized information via the convenient form or a phone call to one of our experts.

The underlying message is that the convergence of internet, plummeting costs of the actual electronics, and the development of reliable supervised wireless solutions has made systems that were once only available to the wealthy during construction planning are now available to most of us in the homes we live in today.